Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Professor Jon Scott's Inaugural Lecture

Professor Jon Scott Last night Jon Scott gave an Inaugural Lecture in recognition of his appointment as Professor of Bioscience Education.

Jon talked about the education research he has been involved in over the years within the School of Biological Sciences. He contrasted the present day student experience with his own experience of higher education an undisclosed length of time ago(!).

Starting with his work on student transitions - both to and within higher education - he then went on to describe his work on the student experience. This insight was gleaned from painstaking analysis of student video diaries over several years, and was frequently delivered in the authentic student voice using audio clips from the recordings. Jon stressed how seemingly trivial domestic issues such as cooking and the control of the thermostat in shared houses can have a major impact on students and determine their ability to achieve pursue academic success.

Thankfully, this was not one of those flashy Inaugurals where the subject tries to drown the audience in data. Instead, we got a thoughtful and sensitive consideration of the lives (personal and academic) of students.

Alan Cann
Department of Biology

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